Made of heavy 18 karat or 22 karat Siam gold plating over high quality sterling silver or brass, PATTARAPHAN's jewelry is luxurious, durable, and a perfect statement for your life.

When you purchase from us, you will receive special handcrafted products while supporting slow fashion, local businesses, and sustainable consumption. Please read our care guide for how to best maintain your jewelry.




To maintain your PATTARAPHAN pieces in their best condition for as long as possible, please follow our care instructions below. This list was made with love from us to you and can be applied to any of your jewelry pieces. We do not offer repair services at this time.

  • Although we plate our jewelry with a thick coat of gold, we do not guarantee that the plating will be permanent as its condition depends on each person’s body and jewelry care. Any gold vermeil or plated jewelry pieces may need to be plated again after some wear. But caring for your jewelry according to instructions below will be extremely helpful.

  • Metal is hard and durable but it is not resistant towards pressure or compact. Treat your jewelry pieces kindly and avoid harsh treatment and contact. Also avoid contact with chemicals such as perfume and detergent. Please remove your jewelry when: swimming, exercising, sleeping, applying make up, showering, cleaning, cooking, doing dishes, cleaning, etc.

  • If you are an artist, an athlete, or someone who works with your hands, please do not wear your jewelry, particularly rings, during work hours.

  • Gently wipe away any dust or dirt after each wear before storing the jewelry back into its original box or pouch. Keep PATTARAPHAN pieces in our packaging as it is made of tarnish resistant material.

  • For gold vermeil pieces, use only gold polishing cloths to clean your jewelry.

  • Most of our pieces are plated with a heavy coat of gold. However, for our non-plated sterling silver pieces, they will oxidize over time. Use sterling silver cloths, which can be purchased from any reputable jewelry supplies stores, daily to keep your jewelry clean.

  • We always clean our earrings before packing for delivery. Still, you should clean your earring posts and backs before first time wear. We recommend using jewelry cleaning spray on a polishing cloth or rubbing alcohol (the same one you use for cleaning your wounds) on a cotton pad to clean.

  • Earring backs tend to loosen from wear. Touch your earrings from time to time throughout the day when wearing earrings to make sure that your earrings are nice and tight. This habit can be extremely helpful to prevent loss of earrings.

  • Please do not order our pieces in metals or materials that you have allergic reaction to. Email for further assistance should you need a particular style made in different metal. We are always here to help you create a design that will suit your lifestyle.

Thank you for reading through our care guide. We hope you find our care instructions useful and that you love our pieces as much as we do!