As an independent small business, we are taking steps everyday to minimize our negative impact upon mother earth, while making sure that our values are represented in everything that we do. Thus, our androgynous jewelry not only celebrates diversity and authenticity, but is also creating positive and meaningful changes in design and manufacturing.


All of our pieces are produced in limited quantities to ensure the highest quality. Through this slow fashion approach to selling and producing, our team is making sure that we minimize waste that comes from our production as well as limiting overusing the Earth’s resources.  While fast fashion brands move quickly to capture trends and are constantly producing new pieces, our brand never produces or creates pieces according to trends. In fact, we never go by the typical fashion calendar and only release new products a couple of times per year.

We source materials locally and every PATTARAPHAN piece directly supports Thai artisans. We carefully selected our Thai jewelry makers in order to preserve Thai craftsmanship as well as to support the local economy and community. Our current factories are independent, multi-generation, and family owned businesses based in Bangkok. Our team regularly visits our two factories to ensure fair and ethical treatment of workers, promoting transparent production in jewelry and fashion and knowing exactly how each piece of jewelry is made. 

Furthermore, our showroom is purposely decorated with existing furniture that the Founder previously owned and over half of the decor at the showroom is vintage and sourced in Thailand and New York. 



Our first ever partnership started in 2019 with Precious Plastic Bangkok, a nonprofit organization based in Thailand. Our showroom is one of the drop off locations for plastic types 2 and 5, which are collected and delivered to Precious Plastic. These dropped off plastics are then upcycled and given a new life. Learn more about Precious Plastic Bangkok here.


Our team is also testing out new packaging to eliminate the use of plastic --starting from the production phase. According to standard norms, after every jewelry piece is made whether in Thailand or in the US, they are packaged in a clear plastic bag. However, we have been working closely with our factories in order to eliminate not just single-use plastic, but plastic in general, from our supply chain. In fact, the factories we work with have already agreed to package all our pieces in non-bleached paper bags when delivering to us. 

Also, all our paper packaging, including jewelry boxes and shopping bags, is not coated with plastic (as many paper products, such as paper ice cream cups and even straws are). Through using 100% paper packaging, we are making sure that they will compost in a natural environment, eliminating plastic pollution.

At present, our shipping envelope is made from 100% recycled paper. However, our team is seeking new shipping packaging, including packing tape, that is 100% compostable in the backyard -- going beyond biodegradable packaging which often is as damaging to the environment as a normal plastic when ended up in a non-commercial compost facility or a body of water.