In Thai, “PATTARAPHAN” (pronounced pat-ta-ra-pun) means “beautiful skin.”

Pattaraphan is inspired by everything around her — from women in her life, discarded items on the street, to her own heartbreaks. What ties them together is their authenticity and Pattaraphan’s core values. At the heart of her brand is a vision to create well-designed, well-made, and original jewelry that people want to wear and is easy to wear.

Relying on intimate personal stories and a sharp sensitivity towards materials and forms, PATTARAPHAN presents an unpretentious collection of fine jewelry that feels good on your skin. Combining a thoughtful understanding of human anatomy with New York’s edgy minimalism, our experimental designs challenge traditional notions of jewelry while maintaining sensuality and wearability. With this, we pride ourselves on a refreshing approach to jewelry as well as the unmatched expertise of Thai craftsmanship.

Each PATTARAPHAN piece is carefully handmade in Bangkok, Thailand, and our designs are produced in limited quantities. We are committed to preserving Thai heritage and we work with local independent businesses to bring our jewelry to life.